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Noront Group is committed to streamlining your project with our service portfolio. Our pledge is to provide full support throughout every phase of the exploration process. If you don’t find a specific service you require, we’re more than ready to customize a solution for you. Reach out to us today to discuss your unique needs.

Prospecting Stage Services

Prospecting, the fist step and often the most important in the exploration process! Our MNDM licensed prospectors and P.Geos come equipped not only with all required tooling and gear but also an extensive knowledge of the difficult geographical locations.

The first and most important step in any phase of the exploration process is planning. Let our project management , prospecting and exploration experience assist you in this crucial stage to ensure your project is a success. 

In order to asses any potential challenges a scouting visit conducted by our team can provide you with the information required to take the next step. 

A well laid out plan starts with good data. Our team will put boots on the ground and compile a comprehensive map and data set of your site. We utilize a variety of tools to get to the most remote locations such as ATVs, UTV, Argo Sherp, drones and good old fashion hiking. 

Now that some site information is compiled it’s time to get the rest of the team in there. With extensive knowledge of navigating all types of terrain you can be confident we can get you to your target safely.  Tap into our fleet of ATV’s, UTV’s Snowmobiles, and boats to get you comfortably where you need to go. 

From arial mapping to promotional videos our licensed and insured drone pilots understand the exploration process and can be a real asset to your project. Contact us to discuss your project. 

Does you project require a P.Geo or an assessment report? We can supply the proper manpower based on your project needs. 

Exploration Stage Services

You have determined your property property holds enough potential to take the next step to the exploration phase. this is where the 

Uncovering outcrops and exposing potential targets is an exciting part of the exploration process. However it often comes with some unique challenges. Often these sites are in remote locations with limited or no road access to the areas require stripping. We have a variety of excavator and earth moving equipment that can be utilized based on the terrain and location. 

Why not acquire your representative samples as efficiently and accurately as possible? By utilizing our experienced techs and quality equipment you can rest assure that you will receive accurate samples that you can get to the lab sooner. 

Utilizing a combination of high-pressure low-volume and low-pressure high-volume solutions we can facilitate the washing of outcrop regardless of the on site water reserves.  

In addition to geotechnical logging services we also offer a complete core cutting service. Experienced manpower, equipment and consumables can be arranged at our location or off site. We also offer an off grid mobile cutting trailer that can be set up in more remote locations. 

In addition to road and trail construction we offer tree and line cutting. 

Collecting highly accurate data from a diamond drill program is essential for the success of any exploration process. We understand the importance of this data, that is why we ensure best practices and industry standardized techniques are utilized in each project. We also understand that not all operations are the same so our Geo-Techs with work with your Geologists to amend any processes if required to fit the project. 

Deliverables Stage Services

Prospecting is the fist step and often the most important in the exploration process! Our MNDM licensed prospectors and P.Geos come equipped not only with all required tooling and gear but also an extensive knowledge of the difficult geographical locations.

Staying up-to-date is the cornerstone of every successful project. Keeping our dedicated team members well-informed with the latest data is the key to achieving project excellence. With our real-time data collection model, every team member can efficiently process and analyze incoming data, fostering seamless collaboration and ensuring that our valued investors are always in the know about the project’s progress.

When the job is completed, a wealth of data is collected. The way this data is organized and presented can make the difference between weeks of hard work and effortlessly sharing the information. Our customer portal consolidates all field and geological data into one accessible location, streamlining both sharing and analysis. This portal is readily shareable and serves as a valuable tool for leveraging data to attract investors and complement press releases.

Project scopes may undergo changes, emphasizing the vital importance of staying connected while in the field. By utilizing personal satellite communication devices and Iridium satellite data connections, our team ensures constant accessibility and efficient data transfer if required. This capability can be the deciding factor in the ultimate outcome of a project.

Our commitment to serving you goes beyond the field. We are here to provide comprehensive assistance, including the composition and formatting of data into any marketing format that aligns with your specific requirements. Whether you need content tailored for brochures, websites, social media, or any other promotional medium, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your marketing goals by transforming your data into compelling and effective messaging.

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