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Welcome to Noront Group, headquartered in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where innovation meets commitment in the exploration, mining, and forestry sectors. We are a forward-thinking organization dedicated to leveraging innovative solutions to serve the needs of these vital industries. We possess specialized expertise in reaching remote and challenging locations, ensuring we can effectively serve the demands of your projects.

Our extensive array of services encompasses but is not limited to full exploration support, professional geological services, geotechnical services, mapping, earthworks, equipment solutions, project management, and logistics.

At Noront Group, our mission has two key facets: firstly, to execute each project with a strong focus on safety and environmental responsibility. Secondly, we draw upon the strengths of our strategic partner companies to deliver customized services that precisely match your project’s requirements, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism throughout your partnership with us.

Join us in our commitment to driving progress, and explore the possibilities with Noront Group.

Just a Few of Our Services

Project Management

Effective, efficient, full project solutions is what Noront Group is known for. With over 30+ combined years of experience in large complex project management, Noront Group can definitively provide a solution to any project management requirements. From manpower management to unique equipment logistics, we have been down that road before and are ready to utilize our expertise to accomplish your project goals.

Technical Services

Noront Group offers a wide variety of technical and exploration services for the mining and forestry industry. From P.geo services  to core cutting and assessment. We can help simplify your project by arranging all logistical aspects, equipment and services with one point of contact. We can also provide transportation and secure storage for your core, and pulps. Visit Technical Services to see a full list of the services we provide.

Earth Works

Possibly one of the most exciting phases and undoubtedly one the most vital of the exploration process is accessing and uncovering new portents targets. We offer a variety of earthworks services such as site stripping,  tree cutting, bush road and trail construction and site clearing. Save time and keep on budget, letting us facilitate an end to end prospecting, earthwork, and project management solution for your site.


When it comes to securing road access to remote mining claims, our topographical and geological  mapping services are a vital asset. With the use of the newest technology and seasoned expertise, we provide comprehensive geological data that plays a crucial role in planning and constructing access roads to your mining claims. Whether you’re developing access roads for exploration, extraction, or logistical purposes, our mapping services empower you with the essential insights needed to navigate complex terrains.

Drone Work

Drones have some key advantages to standard ground based data acquisition models. With the utilization of advanced UAV technology, customers have seen a drastic reduction in cost and increases in efficiency and safety while collecting field data. Noront Group and associate companies offers multiple drone services ranging from LIDAR mapping to promotional aerial videos flown by our licensed and insured drone pilots. 


Noront Group and partner companies provides both short-term and long-term rentals and services for manned or standalone exploration and construction equipment. Our commitment to safety and reliability is evident through our meticulous equipment maintenance schedule. Count on us for equipment that will ensure you complete your projects within your specified timelines and budgets. We also provide float service to remote locations.

Core Drilling

Core drilling not only facilitates precise and efficient resource identification but also offers important insight into geological composition and is often the heart of an exploration project.  With its precision and reliability, drilling continues to be an indispensable tool for the exploration process. Contact us for more information on core drilling and how Noront Group and partner companies can assist your project needs. 

Remote Recovery

Noront Group offers an array of remote recovery solutions, extending from off-road vehicles to industrial equipment in diverse terrains, be it on land, in the air, or within water bodies. Whether your equipment is stranded on a remote logging trail or situated in a challenging, roadless area, Noront Group has the expertise to assist in almost all scenarios, employing a range of off-road and long-line equipment.

Real Time Results With Real Time Data

Real Time Data - Real Time Results

Real Time Data Collection

Staying up-to-date is the cornerstone of every successful project. Keeping our dedicated team members well-informed with the latest data is the key to achieving project excellence. With our real-time data collection model, every team member can efficiently process and analyze incoming data, fostering seamless collaboration and ensuring that our valued investors are always in the know about the project’s progress.

Customer Portal

When the job is completed, a wealth of data is collected. The way this data is organized and presented can make the difference between weeks of hard work and effortlessly sharing the information. Our customer portal consolidates all field and geological data into one accessible location, streamlining both sharing and analysis. This portal is readily shareable and serves as a valuable tool for leveraging data to attract investors and complement press releases.


Project scopes may undergo changes, emphasizing the vital importance of staying connected while in the field. By utilizing personal satellite communication devices and Iridium satellite data connections, our team ensures constant accessibility and efficient data transfer if required. This capability can be the deciding factor in the ultimate outcome of a project.

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